'Ain ul-Mulk Multani

'Ain ul-Mulk Multani
   He was stationed at Multan at the time Ghazi Malik (later Ghiyas al-Din Tughlaq) marched out after removing Khusrau Shah (1320). 'Ain ul-Mulk rose to a high position in the nobility under Muhammad bin Tughlaq (1325-1351). In 1340-1341, as governor of Awadh, he is reported to have rendered valuable services during the time the sultan was at Swargadwari, his temporary capital on the Ganges River and where the sultan had shifted on account of an acute famine at Delhi. When ordered to be transferred from Awadh to the Deccan in 1341, he was greatly perturbed and he revolted. Muhammad bin Tughlaq marched out from Swargadwari, and engaged and captured 'Ain ul-Mulk near Kanauj. He was reinstated in the sultan's service after a short spell of imprisonment. His new job was that of the superintendent of royal gardens. 'Ain ul-Mulk apparently served his whimsical master for the remaining part of his life in this comparatively insignificant position.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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